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Walmart and Amazon are in an all out price war

  Recode writes about Amazon and Walmart fighting over the lowest price, and the impact on suppliers. Highlights: Walmart is targeting to have 80% of their products to be the lowest price – putting pressure...


Amazon acquires Middle East’s for $650Mn

TechCrunch writes: Amazon acquires Middle Eastern eCom site for $650Mn. This gives Amazon access to the region’s largest e-commerce player with 75,000 businesses and over 1 million products. They also get an existing...


Half of Ecommerce Searches on Mobile

Criteo, an online ad research company, has published a study revealing, amongst other key insights: Australia is amongst the top 3 Mobile Shopping (by % mobile), 3rd only after the US and Japan, with...


Selling on Amazon vs eBay

CPCStategy Blog writes a fantastic comparison of Amazon and eBay: Frequently, sellers will threaten to leave Amazon for eBay when a big TOS change hits. In a sense, those sellers are like North American voters...


Amazon to set up Logistic Centres in Australia

Sydney Morning Herald reports that Amazon is setting up new logistic centres in Australia, which means that finally, we have some tangible evidence that Amazon, the global ecommerce company, is coming to Australia. Amazon...

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